Alexandra Polujan (Lecia Pritz) 1945-2023

Lecia's remarkable legacy paints a canvas of enchanting eccentricity, boundless artistic brilliance, due to her steadfast dedication to uplifting Ukrainian culture in Canada.

She held a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) degree from the University of Alberta and a Master of Arts (Slavic Studies) degree from the University of Ottawa. She had exhibited her work in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

She is a well-known figure on the Ukrainian Canadian dance scene where she had been active as a dancer, choreographer, dance instructor and writer on Ukrainian dance for some twenty years. Ms. Pritz has danced and choreographed for Edmonton's Ukrainian Shumka Dancers; instructed Winninpeg's Rusalka Ukrainian Folk Dance Ensemble, Victoria's Veselka Ukrainian Dancers and the Yalenka Dancers of Kamloops; and has acted as Artistic Director of the Dnipro Ukrainian Dance Ensemble of Ottawa (1969-1978) and the Luna Ukrainian Ensemble of Vancouver (1980-1994). As a writer, she has contributed articles on the history and evolution of Ukrainian dance in Canada to: New Soil - Old Roots. Winnipeg: Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Canada, 1983 and Visible Symbols: Cultural Expression Among Canada's Ukrainians. Edmonton: CIUS, University of Alberta, 1984.


Lecia was an extraordinarily artist, painting with water colour. In 1988 Ms. Polujan produced Ukrainian Dancers Series I, a set of six paintings devoted to Ukrainian Dance and Costuming. This was the first of several such series she published. In 1989 she created Ukrainian Children, a set of three images devoted to child dancers. Lecia had drawings, paintings, offset lithographic and prints exhibited throughout Canada. She also designed corporate logos, posters, promotional brochures, concert programmes, etc. for various business clients & community organizations in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto & Ottawa


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